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Lucky Lady Farms

Exquisite English Golden Retrievers

Litters Past and Present

Shelby love Shelby love Big ol' treat After getting a stick stuck in her mouth, which necessitated a vet visit the day BEFORE she went for spaying, Shelby suckered the vet techs into a huge treat for the ride home. (6 months old) 109167498 Shelby and Big Brother With big brother Nate at about 4 months old (August 2010) 109167496 Freckle Face After bath time....check out the freckles! 109167799 Relaxing at home Looks like she's really watching the tube, doesn't it? (7 months old, Nov 2010) 109167499 Curled up This was the bed for our old cocker spaniel whom we said goodbye to in 2007. Shelby dragged it from its corner into the living room then curled herself inside it. Silly dog still thinks she's little. (almost 8 months old) 109167500