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Lucky Lady Farms

Exquisite English Golden Retrievers

Litters Past and Present

Daisey's Legacy: Lily Daisey's Legacy: Lily Me and My Mama <3 Chillin' on Mom's lap, right after they picked me up at UNC Charlotte! 117772148 Trying to Negotiate Asking Mom if I can drive the Prius... 117772150 Trying to Persuade Her I tried with kisses. She didn't give in, but I think she enjoyed the kisses anyway! 117772151 Tired... We're so tired. Mom looks exhausted! 117772152 After Dinner Yeah, that's not going to be enough food. 117772153 Posing How's this, mom?! 117772154 Relaxing in Staunton, VA! "This is the life!" 117772155 Lounging Ahhhhhh..... 117772156 Thanks, Katie! I love the beaver toy that you gave me. 117772157 Happy! Dad's tired here too, but we had a pretty good first night! 117772149 My Favorite Sweater Dad didn't want mom to buy me anything pink- as you can see, he lost that battle! 118010653 The greatest bed in the world Wow! I have the greatest bed... it's so comfortable! Here, I'm sharing it with Mr. Squirrel and my bone. 118010652 ZzzZzzzZzzz Normally when I sleep on my bed, I hang off the side. This afternoon, though, I didn't fall off! 118010651 Silly Lily Lily playing with one of her great friends (Mya, a Springer Spaniel) at Canine Country Club. This is Lil's signature "play dead" pose. 123344331 The Gang's All Here Cooper, Lily, and Mya at Canine Country Club, waiting to go play on one of the turfed areas. 123344332 It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's... Super Lily! She resembles Dumbo a bit in this picture. I love Cooper's face/the way he's sitting. It's as if he's thinking, "Ugh... where does she get all of her energy?!" 123344333 Anyone in There?? 123344334 Playing with the Big Dogs Lily's growing like a weed! 123344335 Lily & Mya Wrestle Somehow, no matter who she plays with, she ends up on the ground like this. 123344336 Play Time! 123344337 Nap Time! "Mom, no pictures, please." 123560115 Puppy Training Class 123560116 Tired while at Her Last Class 123560117 Anticipation of Graduation "Mom, do I get to wear the graduation cap and be presented with my edible diploma yet?! The anticipation is killing me!" 123560118 The Proud Graduate Valedictorian... 123560119 Om Nom Nom Nom Edible diplomas are delicious! We have the paper one framed. :) 123560114 Lily's first Christmas in Pennsylvania. Blurry, but still adorable. :) 145308962 Lily poses, Lenox wanders freely... 145308963 Lily and her brother Lenox search for Santa Paws... 145308964 Puppies sit and wait for a treat from dad... 145308966 Lily & Lenox play 151125622 Lily Sunbathes 151125623 Relaxing in the sun... I love this little girl... 151125624 She's Beautiful :) 151125625 151125626