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Lucky Lady Farms

Exquisite English Golden Retrievers

Ariel's Majik Under the Sea

Ariel is part of my Princess Collection. It all started with Tinkerbell who is half sisters to Ariel and Bella. I loved her spirit and nature so much that when I got the opportunity to get her half sisters; I jumped at the chance!

Ari has a beautifully sculpted face with a nice broad head piece, very solid at the snout melting onto her skull. She has a strong coat with lots of feathering. She is on the shorter end of the scale, most likely making for smaller females and the males will likely be brought up by the height of Johnny, who is on the larger end of the standard.

She is out of Majik Despina, also Tink's Dam, and she and Bells are Sired by Break of Dawn I Have a Dream - who is heavily influenced by his Sire the famous Ashbury Angel Heart. She is a smart go getter, very sweet, but has designs on being a true leader. She is biding her time lest Snowflake get a hint of her ambitions, but Ari is definitely going places in the pack dynamic!

She is absolutely devoted to me and has a cute little lip curl that she does when she is approaching me for her lovings. She and her sister Bells are best friends and often can be found wrestling with each other; like from dawn to dusk!

Here are Bella (left) and Ariel (right) in one of my favorite all time dog pictures. Notice how Bella seems to think all is fine and poses, while Ariel intuitively knows that I have 'somehow' realized they have been up to no good! They got a lot of baths when they were little!

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Upcoming Litters Reserving Now

Lady by Johnny

These little sweeties were just bred

and should be due around April 17th

Bella and Ariel

Bella and Johnny are hoping

for a nice summer litter 2014


Now retired and going

to live with my Mom!!


an up and coming

will pursue her

clearances this winter!






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Georgia Canines for Independence

This worthy organization trains and provides service animals for a variety of assistance uses. GCI dogs purchases the animals and then spends two years in their training only to give them away for service to their human partners. Tim and Ramona have an amazing dedication to this work and rely solely upon charitable support for their program.

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