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Lucky Lady Farms

Exquisite English Golden Retrievers

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the puppies? This depends upon the litter and who I have used in the pairing. I do price per the quality and I am saying right up front that my quality is tops! Contact me for information on individual litters. People whose only question is (and I quote) 'How much?' It doesn't matter. Based upon your priorities you will not qualify for one of my puppies.

Can I breed with him/her? Probably not. 99% of my babies are destined to be pampered, spoiled, beloved family members. I have a low opinion of the breeding standards that are happening here and, no matter how well you think you will be trying to do it, you probably will not qualify. Puppies are sold on Limited Registration which means you can enjoy all the benefits of a purebred animal, but may not breed. And breeders please note: I can tell you guys from a mile away....about your third question. So please don't give me a long story about your children and how much they need a playmate, but it MUST have full registration. I didn't start this thing yesterday.

How do I deposit? Notice I don't have a 'Pay now' button. This is because we will need to chat a bit either via telephone or email to assure ourselves that we each are being provided with the situation that we ideally want. Generally to reserve your spot on any list, the deposit is $500. You will have a reasonable amount of time to get the check to me. I will not hold a spot without a deposit.

When Are Payments Due? Generally, your puppy purchase is broken down into 4 payments to make things easier. A deposit to reserve your spot. A payment when puppies are born, a payment when you make your selection at 4 weeks, and final payment when you pick up. People who violate these time frames risk losing their spot on a list. I will gladly work with situations as they arise, but in no circumstances is a puppy to be picked up that has not been paid for in full. I do take personal checks as payment because if you have impressed me enough to qualify for one of my precious babies, I am usually not worried about you passing a bad check.

Where are you located? Northeast Atlanta, Georgia area. I do not put my address or home phone on the site on purpose. I have had occasion to decline someone as a puppy family and I have found that for my protection and that of my dog family it is best to keep my home secure until I know who you are and your intentions.

Can I visit? Of course! I welcome an opportunity to show off my guys and my guys welcome an opportunity for an extra set of hands to pat them. I do require an appointment and if I have young babies (puppies under 4 weeks), visits are not allowed. It is more important to me to safeguard their health than make a sale.

Can we come and visit our Baby? We live close by. I do truly understand and appreciate your enthusiasm and desire to visit with your baby. Once we are through selections I have a lot of family time to make up for from the drawn out selection time. Indeed my family sacrifices a lot and helps a lot during puppy season. While it sounds like you would only 'dash' over for 30 minutes, you need to understand how chaotic our life is once puppies reach 4 or 5 weeks. WE are constantly cleaning. While I love the litter box method, it is a dust maker to no end. We have probably let the household operations get completely behind and still have the remainder of our doggie family to care for, clean up after, and spend quality time with. We also post more photos and correspond with our puppy families more than any breeder I know of. Most send you a picture when they have selected your puppy for you - selection day would never happen. I spend hours each day emailing, photoing or editing and uploading. That having been said, imagine if I were to accommodate people visiting to play with their puppy for only 30 minutes. That is at least 2 hours of me cleaning my living room/kitchen/laundry (ugh at the laundry), erasing any hope of getting an errand outside the house done, and making sure I've actually managed to find a moment to take a shower (its like having a newborn - really) There is also a risk level of germ exposure every time someone enters my home. So not only is it a risk for your baby, you risk everyone else's baby. Please understand, we are not a pet store by design and there are truly only so many hours in the day.

Can I get the 'pick' of the litter? Yes, only if you happen to be the first on the list. I will not charge more for the pick; it is a benefit of those patient souls who connect with me early on and are willing to wait sometimes 10 months for their favorite pairing. If you are being charged more for a pick, or the price of a litter seems out of proportion with other quality breeders - you might question why.

I am out looking at litters today, can I dash over and have a look at the puppies? Are you kidding? NO. I have actually gotten this call several times. Typically litters sell out before they are born or very soon thereafter. Visits are prioritied for those who have committed to a puppy and are waiting for selection time. IF there is availability after 4 weeks, we will want to chat a bit first to make sure we are a good fit for each other. You are most welcome if we have talked and you are seriously interested. This is not a window shop - I am quite certain of my quality and the ability of my puppies to easily sell - if you aren't sure; you should probably look elsewhere.

Do you ever sell older animals? Mostly NO. My puppies are with their families once they reach 8 weeks old. I am never, ever 'stuck' with a puppy that I train and then try to sell later (this would be a clue that the breeder did not have great dogs and/or did not plan well for the proper homing of their animals). While older breeding animals retire, I absolutely adore them and they really are my family. When they retire they are just on a very long vacation at my side and loved as much as they ever were (hey let us not tell my husband about this as he thinks I have too many, but is as sweet as my guys are and so tolerates it). There are some odd circumstances that I could see me having an adult or knowing of one - so I won't be angry if you ask this question anyway :)

Do you sell other breeds? NOOOOOO. While it is possible that there are other nice breeds (some of my puppy families tell me about their lovely 'other' animals) I am convinced that there is no other animal on this earth quite as nice as a Golden. Why breed something else?

I have heard that the phrase English Cream is a scam - is that true? Just like in American Breeding there are good and bad breeding practices of English or European descent Goldens. In England Golden Retreivers are called Golden retrievers; same with the rest of Europe. However, the standards which dictate the appearance of the animal and the breeding practices exhibited in Europe vs. America have made for two different animals in some aspects. While promoting an import as a rare, exotic white animal and that being the difference IS a scam, the general argument made on some websites that 'there is no such thing as an English Golden Retriever' is untrue. As families seek to find pets with improved health prospects, they become more educated on this subject. And just as a footnote to that - an ill bred English is no better than your average American. If you are looking to save money I would say a highly researched, respectably bred American might be an alternative to a 'bargain English'.

I have an appointment with you and I'm running late - can I still come? OK, admittedly late people never ask this question, but as its a pet peeve of mine I'm going to rant a little about it. We have appointments for a reason. Usuallly because someone is coming before or after you. If its to pick up your puppy then we also have bathed and prepared teh puppy to be ready at that time. Five or ten minutes is not late in Atlanta - its understandable. Thirty minutes is in the very least a phone call. An hour late and I've probably either moved on to someone else or am walking out the door to do an errand that never got done because I made the appointment with you earlier. Please just be courteous. If you are late on selection day especially - you should know there is a family about an hour behind your appointment. If they arrive before you do - they WILL get to choose in front of you.

Which is better a Male or Female? This is a complex question. Do you have other dogs in the house. Generally speaking the existing dogs will do better with the opposite sex. My guys won't care one way or the other if they are paired with another female or a male as they are sweet and don't want to mix it up anyway (unless hormones are involved and they shouldn't be becuase you all are supposed to be spaying or neutering). In the English I can tell you absolutely that the males are a bit sweeter, calmer, more lay at your feet and in your shadow always. While there are definitely females who are also quite clingy, they generally are multi-taskers (all the women are snickering at this comment!) and would love a pat from you, but also have things to do, places to go, and people to see. Both are equally gentle with children, both are laid back, both are smart, both want to be pampered and loved by you above all else.

Can you recommend another breeder? Yes and No. I do know other breeders of English Goldens who are doing a fantastic job of it. If I cannot help you and I know of other animals, I have a handful of breeding friends that I am happy to refer to. I can tell you that here in the South, most ethical breeders are friendly with one another and tend not to compete. Other than that, I can give you a gut instinct about oddities that concern you. I will not malign another breeder's character (unless they are a puppy mill, and if they are LOOK OUT. You will get an ear full of careful wording so as I am not defamatory!) If price is the problem, I am still glad to help you and if I know of someone I will point you in that direction. Great breeders will not have puppies at all times, so patience is always key.

Did you Vote for Obama? No, No, No, and NO! I educated myself early on in this life about how hard work, ethics, and economies actually work. I have to run my own family budget regardless of circumstances and I think our government should too. I did rally on street corners for 5 days straight in advance of the election to try and make a difference. Georgia did have its electors go for McCain. This is not my fault - and, I TOLD YOU SO!!!! I shouted it at the top of my lungs while passers by either honked or cursed at me. Please, please please, next time let us all learn more about politics. How is your government hand out coming? You all already know I am a big mouth and very opinionated. If you disagree and this makes you think poorly of me and not want one of my puppies, that is fine. I feel its important to take a stand, be counted, and try to fix things.

When do puppies go home? Eight weeks is when your baby goes home with you. Earlier than that and you would get a clue that I was just after your money and not the good of the puppies. After that time you are really missing the premium opportunity for your puppy to be easily trained. While I will work with you on this, I will not be taken advantage of on it. Don't get a puppy if you are planning to be out of town when its time to pick it up. You will have a week to pick-up your puppy; I'm very flexible with appointments - however, if you fail to plan and don't pick up your puppy in a week's time I do reserve the right to charge you a boarding fee. I will be cleaning an entire litter area for a lingering puppy.

Do you ship puppies? No! absolutely not. I have loved and cared for these babies before they were born and there is no way I am putting them in a box to fly cargo. You may, and many do, fly in to pick up your baby. This way baby flies in the conditioned atmosphere of the plane, lovingly cared for by you. Cargo animals are not in conditioned space, have no comfort, no intervention if there is a danger, and can get stuck in limbo for hours. I want much more for my babies.

Which is your best litter? It really depends upon what you are looking for. I absolutely detest kennel blinds (the notion that all MY dogs are perfect - this has helped ruin the American lines among other things). I can point to you the things that I like in my animals and I can pont to you the things that I think I could improve in future generational pairings. Also please know that some of my knowledge about the litters and how they will turn out is based upon experience and knowledge of the genes in the ancestral lineage.

How did those Goldens Get White anyway? They aren't white. Neither Europe nor American kennel clubs refer to them that way. The AKC dictates coat colors as gold to red and the rest of the world dictates cream to gold. Mine are cream in color for the most part. It is a permissible standard in the majority of the world and happens to be beautiful also. This is not what makes the English superior. Its the temperament and health that makes them superior. And I heard a new one the other day from an American breeder that really made me laugh - she suggested to a potential buyer (whom I had referred to her!) that the English Goldens were sickly because they lacked pigmentation. This would be one of those rare, exotic ALBINO goldens - LOL and not an English Cream! Just look at the puppy picture page to see the pigment come in on about day 2. Really people, if the Americans had great dogs, would they have to say things like this to get your business? Also of worthy note; "English Cream" is a slang term we use here....over there they are just Golden Retrievers.

What if I deposit and there aren't enough Males/Females? I do not hold deposits hostage. I like to EARN my money, not sneak it out of your pocket - see my Obama statement! If there aren't enough or you come at 4 weeks and you don't like what you see, you may get your money back or wait until another litter. I have never had someone take me up on this offer, but it is an available alternative. If your financial circumstances change, you life situation, or work is just too busy to take care of a baby at this time - I will cheerfully refund your deposit. Fortunately there is always another loving family just waiting to get your spot. You do need to be committed by four weeks of age however.

Do you Offer a Warranty?Of course. I strive to produce animals that are sound both structurally and physically. However, if you breed long enough sooner or later a genetic or freak problem will occur. To address that issue and to treat my families as I would want to be treated, I offer what I'm pretty sure is the best warranty in the industry. Most breeders, if they offer a guarantee at all, provide a contract full of loopholes that is designed to allow them to bail out. Most of them provide for a replacement animal; that is the industry usual. The foundation of my program is based on producing wonderful animals for wonderful families. Most of whom, after adopting their baby, would be horrified to have to trade it in on another if there was a problem. So while my warranty does provide for a replacement animal if you wish, you may alternatively opt for up to half of your purchase price back for any remedial medical procedure. This way if there is a problem, you get to love your baby and I get to feel like I have made a bad situation a little easier. While most contracts specify one year, I specify two. I make friends with my families and treat them like friends.

I have a gorgeous female will you Stud Johnny with me? Sometimes. I will only consider this for European goldens. Even then, they would have to be absolutely the upper echelon of dogs. I will need to see a head shot, full stack, pedigree and health clearances. We will talk about temperament and breeding philosophy. Only then will I be assured you do indeed have the quality I need to be associated. This will only be an AI breeding - I will not do a natural breeding with any dog for the protection of my whole dog family.

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