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Lucky Lady Farms

Exquisite English Golden Retrievers


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9:54 AM on February 28, 2017 

Spammers please stop. I do police the guestbook and assure your it takes me less time to delete than it does you to write it out. I DO delete them though.

Kimberly Rimmer

3:28 PM on February 10, 2016

So so interested in your puppies! I would love to visit at some time -- I teach school with a lady whose son and future daughter-in-law just brought one of your puppies into their family! Adorable and handsome!

Cheryl G Tyler

7:11 PM on July 24, 2014

Great web site. Wonderful information. We have a 6 month old English Golden (Maggie May). We feel very fortunate to have her. Some days I am not sure who is training who! I have family in your area. I would love to visit sometime. Cheryl, Va. Beach

Michael Welch

4:49 PM on October 18, 2013

Love your Webb page Katie, my wife Gin and And I are true dog lovers,thanks a lot!!

We have Kopper Louis, & Rusty Raymond,


1:52 PM on August 5, 2013 

Beaufort (Ariel's Easter Basket - March 2013) is a joy. We adore him and he is such a PERSONALITY. People stop their cars to admire him. Katy, you gave him a wonderful foundation. We could not have ever imagined an 8 week old puppy with such a good start. You are a credit to the breed. We are so fortunate to have found you!

Vickie Griffin

8:47 PM on August 4, 2013

Katie is the REAL deal! Katie could not have found a better match for me and my family! Maks is the perfect dog for me! Katie has a passion for what she does and she is the absolute best! She has been a blessing to me and I can never thank her enough for bringing this perfect angel in my life! I could have looked the world over and could never have found a better dog than "Maks"!!! If you are looking for the perfect dog, then look no further..this is it!!!

Andie Krakovsky

8:10 PM on July 13, 2013

Love your web site and your dogs! Wish we had found you before we got our English Golden all the way from Ohio! She looks so much like your dogs, they must have some ancestors in common! We'd love to visit sometime, and will definitely get in touch if we're looking again.


12:56 PM on May 30, 2013 

We've had Rhett Butler for 5 days and he is the perfect puppy. Our Therapy Dog for our medical practice passed away last August and we were hoping that Rhett could fill the position. Rhett is a natural therapy dog!! We had a 16 yr old patient who was very apprehensive about a procedure. At the request of her Mom, we placed Rhett next to her shoulder where he snuggled, lay his head across her cheek and did not move a muscle during the entire 20 minute procedure! He had been playing and chasing his toys in my office just minutes before I took him to see our patient. He just knew he needed to be quiet and calm for her and he was Just perfect Rhett!

Thank-you Katie for making it possible for me to have another Golden in my life!

Renee Jones-Lewis

4:50 PM on May 29, 2013

Thank you for being such a wonderful resource for future Golden families! And you're right, you DO have exquisite Goldens! Kudos to you!

Sherre Kelly

3:12 PM on February 6, 2013

I'm so excited and anxious for the litters and I loved that video of a birth!

Shelby's Mom

9:01 PM on November 18, 2012

Just wanted to send a wave hello from the Stephens. Shelby is still a joy and has become even more spoiled, if that's possible. Like Tinkerbell, she is VERY vocal. "Talks" to us a lot and also burps -- big, loud belches. Makes us all laugh. Will try to post some pictures if I can remember how to do it.

Hal Thannisch

10:24 AM on October 7, 2012 

Hi, we live in Canton and have an incredible Golden who is getting up there (almost 12 years old) but in great shape physically and remains active. We have neighbors who recently got a puppy and our Golden took to it like a mother (except he's we are seriously considering getting a puppy sometime between Christmas and next Spring and i am looking at local breeders to see what their breeding schedule might be?

Judy Shuman

9:51 AM on October 6, 2012

Beautiful Goldens! Bone cancer claimed the life of my beautiful 8 yr old Golden Jack. Jack "worked" at my Medical Weight Loss and MedSpa providing unconditional love and stress relief for our clients. The whole in my heart is slowly mending and when the time is right I will contact you about adopting an English Cream.

Kathy Pinkert

2:18 PM on September 27, 2012


Your website is wonderful! you've left no stone unturned. Iam in the process of considering a golden to join our family.We currently have two 4yr old ragdoll cats.Iam a little unsure of the intergation of a pup&2 cats.The breeder of my ragdolls said this breed does very well with dogs.Can you make any suggestions as Iam guessing you may have expierence in this area.We have had a Golden retriever, our Molly.We lost her to liver cancer ten years ago. It's been a long time, but we're ready and are preparing for our future puppy.Thank You for any advice you may have!

judy hompson

10:47 AM on March 26, 2012

i love your website. so much excellent information about puppies and their training and needs. would love to have one of your puppies. our 2 goldens passed away 6 monhs apart about 2 years ago. they were both great dogs and i miss them terribly. my son just recenly got a puppy and i have been "babysitting" and I realized I am ready for another golden. thanks for being such a devoted breeder. i can tell you love what you do. Judy thompson, Naples,fla

Trish Chambers

8:17 PM on February 1, 2012 

My first visit to your website. I am a neighbor of your mother's. This is an excellent website, especially the videos. I had forgotten how adorable puppies are. Also useful were the tips on training. I'll use some of them on my daughter's boxer-she's not the best leash walker. If anyone is interested in a dog, I'll definitely send them your way. Your voice is very loving.

Maria & Mike

7:39 AM on December 22, 2011

Whoops- we were a day off! That should read from the December 20, 2010 "Daisey & Johnny" litter. :) Happy birthday, puppies!

Maria & Mike

8:26 AM on December 21, 2011

Happy first birthday to Lily and her littermates from the December 21, 2010 "Daisey & Johnny" litter. :)

Beth Cantrell

1:59 PM on November 20, 2011 

I'm very interested in having a GOLDEN


5:48 PM on July 27, 2011

I just want to say that I just lost my golden after 12 golden years. Its been the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with. She was a great dog and pet. Im looking to get another one if anyone knows how to help me find an english golden in El Paso TX. Thanks Roberta


11:58 AM on July 20, 2011

Katie... We can't thank you enough for our sweet Bentley! Not only is he simply gorgeous, but he is playful, cuddly, and smart. We have always and will always be Golden lovers, and we know we will never have to look elsewhere for our next family member. Thank you for breeding a wonderful dog, for taking such good care of him in the first 8 weeks of his life, for educating us on so many things, for always being there to answer our questions, and most of all... for completing our family (for now)! Bentley is amazing, and we are certain that is because of all of your and your family's hard work in preparing him for us. We will be forever grateful to you!

Sandi Zoghby

12:19 AM on June 11, 2011

Katie, Hi, I am Cindy's cousin (Daniel's second cousin). I am in Mobile, Alabama and of course follow our sweet Daniel's carepage and talk to Cindy through email mainly.. I saw her post about Daniel's puppy being born!!! We are so excited that he will be receiving such a wonderful dog. I am a golden lover and actually have a 5 mo old Am. golden boy that is my heart.. WE cannot be more happy for them - "Happy" (the new pup) is so lucky to be getting such a special home with his new boy Daniel !!! God Bless

Sandi Z.

Bob and Bette Thigpen

9:37 AM on May 15, 2011

Nice, nice website. We are interested in your puppies, perhaps for an adoption in early 2012. We have been travelling on our sailboat for several years, and are planning to be moving back into our home soon, and would love to have a pretty, mellow Golden Retriever to live with us. We've seen the English breeds in Europe and know that's what we want. Would it be possible to see your facility around the 28th of May? We're going to be driving from St. Simons Island to Maine then, and would love to visit your animals. If this is not a convenient time, just let us know and we'll try to adjust our schedule.


Bob Thigpen


2:27 PM on April 22, 2011

Happy birthday to my sweet Roxie and her litter mates!

Michael McInerney

1:03 PM on April 12, 2011

Dear Katie,

Found your website and liked it so much I'm on the list for a Lucky Lady puppy! I have enjoyed our conversations (too brief!) and have read and reread much of your info. Q: what size "breakaway collar" will I need to start? This is way early in the process but I am the prepared type!


Maria & Mike

10:53 AM on April 6, 2011

We're yet another very happy family who has been lucky enough to welcome a Daisey puppy into our home. Lily has truly been wonderful- very calm, sweet, and she adores young children. She gets along with other dogs, and she and our cat have become the best of buddies. When Lily has been at daycamp to socialize, Oliver (our cat) will lay in her crate, meowing his heart out, as if to say, "Where is Lily?! When is she coming back?!" Lily's great in the car (will sleep in your arms gladly, or will even lay down when she's wearing her seatbelt harness without a fuss), which is atypical for many dogs. Lily's biggest flaw is that she is admittedly a bit self-centered, becoming clearly more than a little confused when people walk by her without stopping to pet and love on her. Lucky for her, it is a rare occassion when anyone (kids, adults, elderly) doesn't stop to compliment us on what a beautiful puppy we have. Once they pet her, they can't help but mention how soft she is, and we are constantly asked, "What kind of dog is she? She's so calm!" If you're wondering if there's truly a difference between American goldens vs. English goldens, I wish you could be a part of our puppy training class. The American golden in that class is hyper, doesn't listen, bites at the parents, growls, etc. While I am certainly not going to say every American golden behaves in this way, it is impossible not to notice the incredible difference. While the American golden is going crazy, Lily is usually laying on the floor, looking up at Mike and I for her next command. Talk about a world of difference! Thank you, Katie, and we hope to add another LuckyLadyFarms golden into our home and life in the future!


1:53 PM on February 13, 2011

You have some very beautiful dogs! I love how you treat them as family, there are not too many breeders that care that much. It should be a pre-requisite to be in this business. Sorry to read about Daisey, my heart goes out to you. We lost Angel suddenly the weekend after Thanksgiving. We thought she had pymetria, but her kidneys just quit working. There was no reason the vet could find, other than her age. She was only 9. She always lived up to her name and we still cry for her.

Diane Wood

3:39 PM on December 23, 2010 

Dear Katie, John, Channing & Cameron

I was so upset,when you did email me, saying that Daisey had died whilst giving birth to her babies and my eyes, still do fill up with tears. You are constantly in my thoughts daily.

Love from your dear friend across the pond

Diane, Purdie Dora, Grand daiughter of Lilling Dessie

Stephanie Brosseau

11:00 AM on December 22, 2010

To Katie and your family,

I am so so so sorry for your loss of Daisey. I know exactly what you are feeling as when we lost our golden Texie a few months ago, I felt like I couldn't get out of bed as one of our family members was now gone. It is an amazing story of the circle of life though as God does promise that as he takes away he gives back. And it is such a testament to your faith and love for your precious babies that you were able to take in Daisey at the perfect moment and the drs were able to save the babies. I know Daisey would have wanted nothing more than her precious babies to live a full life as she did though she was way too young to have passed. I LOVE that you will be keeping one of her puppies to fill your void for her love and my family and I cant wait to LOVE on one of her baby boys every second of everyday in a way that I am sure will make her smile down on us from heaven! I will be praying for you and your sweet family and please let us know what we can do in the meantime to help. I hope you can rest now that all the babies are born and I wish you and your family a wonderful and Merry Christmas! God Bless, The Brosseau Family

Leigh Ann Holdridge

2:10 AM on December 21, 2010


I was just searching websites for puppies and I came across yours. There isn't a date listed when you posted that your dog died, but I am so sorry for your loss. Our family has just started the process of looking for a new Golden. We lost our wonderful 15 year old Golden two years ago and it still hurts. I can't imagine the pain you are in right now. I am sending up prayers for healing your broken heart.


Leigh Ann

Shelby's Mom

9:06 PM on November 6, 2010

Just a note to say Shelby continues to worm her way into our hearts and home. She is a great blend of spunky, sassy, gentle and smart. She and I take a 2.5 mile walk every morning and she's learning to heel very well, which, of course, gets huge praise and lots of treats. She learned "sit" the first week home and has now added "wait" and "stay," to her vocabulary. Such a smarty pants! We love her and can't say enough wonderful things about this breed and your program.

Sandra Roberts

3:44 PM on October 3, 2010

As a former owner of a Camrose Golden, William was a best friend to me and my daughter Sian. He was her guardian angel in the flesh but when he became old, was just as gentle, dying at the age of 14 in April 1996, taking a large chunk out of our lives, which we've never got back. Sian is moving on and I couldn't keep a dog now as my health is not good. I wish you well with your breeding of Golden Retrievers, MY FAVOURITE BREED!


1:23 PM on June 29, 2010

Hi Katie, I hope you and your children had a great trip! Roxie has adjusted to her new home without ever looking back. She is so sweet and loves to give lots of kisses all over our faces. We are at the beach this week and she loves playing on the sand and digging holes!

(Snowflake litter - aka green girl/pink argyle)

The Wills

9:46 AM on June 25, 2010

Our beautiful girl - Ellie (Snowflake litter) is just so smart and wonderful! We can't say enough!!!!!! She was the perfect addition to our family....

Scott Owen

2:57 PM on June 21, 2010


Just a quick note to tell how awesome Herschel is. What a gorgeous puppy! We have neighbors over at all hours to hold him and smell the "puppy breath". He is so cuddly we have to be careful not to carry and hold him too much. But it is just so irresistible! I can pretty much tell you after 4 days that we will have another Katie puppy in the not-too-distant future!

Thanks for all of the effort and passion you put into your job. You are one of a kind!

Scott and Family

Diane Wood

7:15 AM on April 28, 2010


I have just looked at the pics of Snowy,s and Daph,s babies, they are so beautiful and adorable. I do so envy you.

I can see Miss Purdie in both your girls. The English Goldens are the best.

I just wish that you could have had puppies by my dearly beloved Lilling Dessie.

Di, your dear friend in the UK

Cindy Ford

9:30 PM on April 26, 2010

what beautiful dogs!

The Worley's

8:22 AM on October 19, 2009

So it seemed like forever, but Louie is home with us now! He is absolutely perfect. Thank you Katie for such an amazing addition to our family! He is everything you promised and so much more!

Katrina Duffoo

12:05 PM on October 8, 2009

The puppies are beautiful! I cannot wait to get on the list!


1:52 PM on August 25, 2009

So happy to see that Daisey is doing well. I am really looking forward to watching them get bigger.

Melinda Meche

9:12 AM on August 13, 2009

Great site with good information. I have been sitting for Michelle E and we love Mr Finnegan. He is so sweet, smart and so Handsome.


12:37 PM on July 5, 2009

Your site is very informative and I love seeing pictures of the puppies. Thank you for giving great advice, as it is obvious that you have throughly researched it. I am looking at getting an English Creme in the next year to a year and a half and I would like to get one from you. I have looked at many breeder websites, but your site puts me at ease and answers all of my questions. I would love to come and meet your dogs sometime closer to getting a puppy. I am sure I will be talking to you more when the time gets closer. Thank you again for letting us know there are still some great breeders out there who care for the dogs they breed.


7:43 PM on June 22, 2009

WOO HOO! We know it will be worth the wait! October 16th (or around that time) can't come soon enough!


5:15 PM on June 9, 2009

After a long wait.. we finally brought our baby girl home one week ago Saturday.

We have all fallen in love with her! Great job Tink & Johnny! : )


4:50 PM on May 19, 2009

Love coming back to your site. Your love and devotion to the breed is breathtaking.

There is a special place in heaven for you! Congrats on the new litters. Best wishes

Susan Cole

12:44 AM on May 16, 2009

These are the most beautiful English Cream Goldens! I adopted 3 adult goldens from rescue organizations over the past 20 years, and the breed has forever stolen my heart. I hope to adopt a puppy in the future!

The Worley's

11:09 PM on April 6, 2009

Just can't stay away from this site. Is it August yet??? Can't wait for the end of summer! Did I really say that. This site is amazing and everyday we visit, I learn something new. I also have to say- that since we found this site, not once have we said- are you sure? We just can't wait to have our new family member!

Diane Wood

4:08 PM on April 6, 2009

Hi from a goldie fan in the u.k. You certainly do have some beautiful dogs. I agree with you on the English Goldens, they are far superior to the American ones.

I to have a beautiful cream golden bitch I have tried twice this evening to email you directly. Both times have come back failed.


11:24 AM on April 2, 2009

Congratulations Mom (Chloe) on your retirement! I am so proud to have inherited your clown-like looks and personality. (P.S. I just discovered this really cool thing in the bathroom called a toilet paper roll. Check it out, you'll have fun! My big sister Sugar showed me where it was located.)

What a coincidence, I am royalty in my home too! King Kramer - Alpha Dog of Lewis Manor.

Say "hi" to Dad for big sis and I.

Lovingly, Your Son,

Kramer Lewis

(registered name - French Vanilla Kramer)


10:38 PM on March 31, 2009

Thank you I have learned a lot by reading your site,

and in making my decision about getting a golden.

Silvia Grimm

9:37 AM on March 7, 2009



... .)...(......... .(......)....

... ..(._.)..... ....)..../.....


Hello from Germany,

i was here again,

great Dogs and nice Site,

best wishes,Silvia,Bernd and Standardpoodles.


8:16 AM on February 25, 2009

Hi Katie,

We absolutely adore our little Cooper-he is doing fabulous!!! The first 2 nights he only got up 1 time to go potty but last night was up twice. I still think that's great for a little baby. He's had a couple of accidents but we're working on it. He's just so laid back & wants to be loved constantly. He's happiest sitting in one of our laps!!!!


1:50 PM on February 23, 2009

We love our new puppy! Thank you for having such a wonderful program! Your site provided us with so much information that we were all ready when we got Bella home.

Tracy Thomas

6:45 PM on December 29, 2008

Hi Katie!

I am sure now after researching and looking at hundreds of sites that you are the matriarch of the English Creams! You are so full of helpful info and I love reading your website! Thanks for all your hard work!

Your friend,


Angela Dormer

9:04 PM on December 27, 2008

One of the best websites and i've been to all!! You are always updating new pitures of all your pups As an owner of an english pup myself(4 months) it's great to look at others. Thanks alot I wouldn't change a thing!

Barbara and Cecil Garrett

12:40 PM on November 30, 2008

Hi: We are Hobby Breeders in McDonough Ga and would love to bring one of your Cream Females into our family. Can you let us know when you will have a litter and what the full price with full registration? Thanks, Barbara


5:01 PM on October 3, 2008

I am in love. I will be calling soon - although you have already answered about 99% of my questions... Looks like I have found my future breeder. I'll be calling!


3:08 PM on October 3, 2008

Hello Page Family! I live with Max - one of Lucky's pups from spring '07. He's our baby and is doing great! I'll send some photos (he's 85 lbs.) but I wanted to check in and let you know that Max is the smartest, funniest, and sweetest Golden in the world (and I think we got your alpha male!). Max perfected his long distance jump in the pool this summer - what a water dog! Thank you so much for breeding these wonderful family dogs.

Danisha and Emerson

4:56 PM on October 1, 2008

Just popped in to see the pics of the latest pups. They are simply darling! Way to go Johnny & Snowy.

Loved all the great photos esp. the Halloween ones. How cute! I was probably more amused by the photos than the puppies. Katie you've done a marvelous job and their new families will be so lucky

Danisha and Emerson

Susan Laverick

2:49 AM on September 16, 2008

Hello there! I just loved looking around your wonderful website and seeing those gorgeous dogs. I lost my beloved golden (cream golden) in February (08) and am still grieving for her. She was only 9. I will, eventually, look for another because she has left such a void in my life. And it is true what they say, once you have had a golden, there is no other dog in the world. Thank you for sharing your website with 'outsiders'. The dogs are so lucky to have such a dedicated and loving breeder. Kind regards Susan Laverick (Geneva )


8:27 PM on September 2, 2008

Hello Katie,

I want to say, I found you through meeting two of your past litters and I must say they are just beautiful.

I'm an owner of a retired female and just love her. I had to laugh at your statement about five hundred dollars a year in toys, vet, food. I wish my dog cost that much no and it's not because of vet bills my dog is spoiled rotten.

Just want to say keep up the good work and hope people respect you taking good care of your dog's and litters they know they are getting a great puppies and should be grateful.[/color]

Andie Krakovsky

11:13 AM on September 2, 2008


I live in Atlanta(Vinings) and am starting to look for an English Golden. I have had 3 American Goldens in the past and our last one died ~3 yrs ago. We met an English golden recently and fell in love. Would love to visit and see your dogs. thanks, Andie


2:48 PM on August 23, 2008

Congratulations on your puppies! They are so beautiful and so very precious!


11:49 AM on August 9, 2008

Congratulations Snowy on your 9 bundles of joy! With Snowy being as absolutely gorgeous as she is and with Johnny being the most handsome, lovable guy ever, these puppies are going to be soooo beautiful! Sugar and Kramer send their best doggy love with lots of hugs and wet kisses!


10:13 PM on June 12, 2008

I am also so very impressed, your passion shines through you writing on your website. I sincerely hope that our first new addition to the family can come from you!!! Wow!

Sue OKray

9:26 PM on May 4, 2008

I am very impressed with your website and the information it contains. A neat and professional site tells me you are a wonderful person that gives your dogs/puppies much care, love and understanding.

Bethany Davidson

12:56 PM on January 12, 2008

Thanks for the pictures of the new puppies! Can't wait to met our new little fella!


3:26 PM on January 10, 2008

If you join the site and sign in to the guestbook, I'm pretty sure I can mass email everyone updates and pictures as they become available. Thanks to all my new Families and Friends for their expressions of joy and concern for Chloe and the Puppies. All are doing well after some much needed rest and glutonous eating!!

Steve Mortimer

3:17 PM on December 27, 2007

Interested in learning more about getting a White Golden Retriever Puppy.

The Hogans

11:32 PM on November 16, 2007

I recently wrote Katie a note, asking her to use me as a reference: my dog is THAT good. Wilson is a half-cream from Lucky & Johnny. Truly, he has each & every one of the attributes I was looking for in a dog, and none of the characteristics I wanted to avoid. Katie was absolutely right: my dog is calm, he is personable, he is eager to please, he was amazingly easy to train, and he is honestly a perfect family pet. There is nothing about Wilson that isn't a perfect fit for my family: Katie is the best judge of her puppies, and she was honest and knowledgeable about all aspects of her kennel.

Jake and Heather

3:59 PM on November 16, 2007

We got our first golden 'Sugar' last May '07 from "Johnny" and "Lucky" an English Cream mix. I don't think we could have molded a dog better. Her shape is great, sense of humor is about off the chart, lots of energy and she is very eager when we work on training. We are very happy with our new family member and are looking foward to a full Cream puppy early '08!

Sarah E. Smith

9:02 PM on October 31, 2007

I am personally acquainted with all of these dogs and it is hard to say who you love the most, though Chloe is gradually moving up to the front of the class. What a smiler!