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Lucky Lady Farms

Exquisite English Golden Retrievers

Gypsy's Soul Jonatan

Johnny, our Stud, and the 'Dog Love' of my life! While Johnny's looks would stop you in your tracks to ask me 'what kind of dog is that?', its his amazing sweetness and attitude that make everyone love him the best (don't tell the girls, they think they are the favorites!) RARE 'EXCELLENT' hip rating...less than 3% of Goldens tested get this top scoring!! Normal Elbows,Passed eye (CERF) and heart (SAS) I would also like to say how much he just charms people. It used to really surprise me when people came over to meet the dogs and they were always interested in the girls. Most everyone leaves here loving the girls, but just falling madly in love with Johnny. I am simply blessed to have him. Though the English standard on size tends to be a bit smaller - Johnny fits right in with the AKC size standards. Another thanks to RuthAnne for this great picture which captured Johnny AND what he gives to his progeny....need I say more? Photo date early 3/09

Congratulations to Debbie and all the excellent staff at The Dog Knowledge for their admittance into this exciting new program of the AKC!!! Can't wait to hear how Louie performs! The Dog Knowledge

Finally, we look forward to adding a service dog brag among our puppies as precious 'Happy' grows, matures, and learns to love and help his family.

We continue to support Georgia Canines for Independence and encourage your patronage of their worthy pursuits! Help GCI dogs here!

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Lady by Johnny

These little sweeties were just bred

and should be due around April 17th

Bella and Ariel

Bella and Johnny are hoping

for a nice summer litter 2014


Now retired and going

to live with my Mom!!


an up and coming

will pursue her

clearances this winter!






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Georgia Canines for Independence

This worthy organization trains and provides service animals for a variety of assistance uses. GCI dogs purchases the animals and then spends two years in their training only to give them away for service to their human partners. Tim and Ramona have an amazing dedication to this work and rely solely upon charitable support for their program.

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