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Lucky Lady Farms

Exquisite English Golden Retrievers Discount Pet Supplies & Vaccines

and I'm not sure it is linking me should just by clicking it, but if you are provided an opportunity my promo code is:


Also I love this link. Even I have questions and one of the best sources of information about dogs that I have found to date is Chinaroad Lowchens. Health, training, experience; you name it if it concerns dogs they either have the answer or have asked someone who does have the answer!

Links page

The best place I have found for pet supplies of all animal types is Jefferspet. They are not far away...located in Dothan, AL. In the interest of full disclosure, I do get a very small percentage of sales if you use my link to Jefferspet. I DO NOT promote them because I get the money, I promote them because I do think they are good price for good product. You will not pay more because you used my link. I pledge to use all proceeds to buy products for puppies that ultimately are utilized by you, my puppy families!

Here is a list of my favorite things!

Snuggle puppy - it is a stuffed animal with a heartbeat and a re-heatable pad that will keep puppy feeling like its still with its pack for the first few nights....its around $25 you decide whether lost sleep is worth it or not!

Pee post - I think this is a genius item. It has phermonic smells to it that make it the place to 'go' I would imagine that housebreaking will be all the easier with this.

They make great, inexpensive tags, just make sure you order early - and on that note, I have to say that I think the internal id chip that your vet likely sells is a great idea. Home again is one of the better companies, but call your local shelter to see which system they 'read'. Not all chips can be read by some readers and the database is not yet national and all in one, so you are relying on the studiousness of the finder of a lost pet to go to several places and see. It is no substitute for a good dog tag though - you need them both.

K-9 Showstopper OG-KS This is an all around vitamin, supplement, whole food nutrient for dogs. 

Natural Balance - Lamb Rolls UG-N8 This is real food. I use as a supplement and training treat.

Yummy Chummies - Salmon 2N-Y2 Training treats that add Omegas to the diet.

Tick remover - Ugh! 64-A1 You just can't get rid of 'em fast enough. Get it before the Spring.

Salmon Oil - 2N-A9 I can't say enough about this product. This is one of my breeding secrets, shhhh!

All of their crates! The double door variety are best for me. They are VERY inexpensive for the quality and even though the shipping is added on, it is still under the pet store costs.

Their bedding! Functional and pretty.

The lixit - automatic dog waterer. In the summer, this is a nice emergency source of water....though it should be said that your dog needs access to a clean reliable drinking source at all times.

Missing Link -though I don't use it for myself, I have recommended it to people with totally indoor dogs and cats. It provides them with the items they lack from the wild that our guys get by eating weirdo stuff outside.

I'll add to this in time as I've ordered a lot of product from them. I just can't remember it all right now and I don't have the catalog.

BTW if you have horses, cats, fish, even (believe it or not) primates, lions....its amazing what they have stuff for!

I used to use another pet catalog company and bragged about how cheap THEY were and then I found this Jeffers place! Wow. If you live on the west side of town (Atlanta that is), it might not be even that bad a drive...well, you could just keep on going and end up at the beach!LOL

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