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Lucky Lady Farms

Exquisite English Golden Retrievers

Snowy - The Winter Collection

Snowflake, my little doll baby. My first English dog. Came in from Manchester right after that terrorist threat a while back. Believe me there was some amount of prayer involved in getting her here safely! She is from start to finish a lover. Wants to plow her whole body into you, but don't let the cute smile fool you; she is a total thief! I have to laugh when I tell you that puppy families consistently tell me about their Snowy puppies stealing contraband on purpose so they can come to you with the item in their mouths to tell on themselves. Apparently this is in the DNA - love it. She is mischief from start to finish (and I say mischief because it is all in a comical nature, there is not an obnoxious bone in her body). She is very sensitive - as her sweet English nature- and can get her feelings hurt easily. I have actually seen that dog pout for a full ten minutes before when she has gotten in trouble for something. Her eyes are like looking into the soul of a human! From a friend and lifetime of experience breeder who has chosen the best lines and dogs of England, Ireland and Scotland and carefully linebred and outcrossed her way into her own style of what is Golden perfection. Kudos Maria, I can only hope one day to have my lines so perfectly sculpted.

Excited to have finally kept a Snowy puppy for myself and she promises to be a carbon copy of her mother with just a dash of Johnny love sprinkled on top. We expect big things from Frosty!

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