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Lucky Lady Farms

Exquisite English Golden Retrievers

Tink - The Princess Collection

Precious Tinkerbell is now retired and lives with my Mom. She comes to visit often and loves to play with all her pals here. She self assigned to take care of mom and won't go anywhere without her. Everyone who has a Tink puppy will understand this keen intuition!

This is Tinkerbell's Pixie Dust. Came to me as a shy little thing who was really being overrun by her siblings. Hehe - I have to laugh about shy now, because she is a sweetie with an amazing presence! She can barely contain herself when pats are going around. She is everyone's best friend and an 'alpha pretender'. She thinks she is in charge if Snowy is not around, but frankly we all know she would never do anything to back it up. What a lover. She is a big talker and gives this to her puppies. She loves tennis balls and running around forever. Even right after giving birth she will hand you a tennis ball hoping you'll throw it for her.

She is still a little magical Pixie and I think perhaps is the most excited at the addition of her new half sisters Ariel and Bella.

Tink's lovely form. Thanks Chanel for cleaning it up!

..... and her Grand Sire (take deep breath and look!) Royal Salute du Pays de Boheme.

Roi is top winning Golden 2006 2008 and World Veteran Class winner 2010! credit to Kennel Majik for their efforts!

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Upcoming Litters Reserving Now

Lady by Johnny

These little sweeties were just bred

and should be due around April 17th

Bella and Ariel

Bella and Johnny are hoping

for a nice summer litter 2014


Now retired and going

to live with my Mom!!


an up and coming

will pursue her

clearances this winter!






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Georgia Canines for Independence

This worthy organization trains and provides service animals for a variety of assistance uses. GCI dogs purchases the animals and then spends two years in their training only to give them away for service to their human partners. Tim and Ramona have an amazing dedication to this work and rely solely upon charitable support for their program.

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